Adrienne Lucas

Diversity & Inclusion strategist for the National Association of Minority Speakers (NAMS).


In addition to her work with NAMS, Adrienne is the Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion at The One Club for Creativity--a marketing and advertising nonprofit.

Over the years, Adrienne has worked on diversity initiatives for major companies including Amazon Design, Google Creative Lab, Estee Lauder, Lockheed Martin, and WPP. She also spearheads ‘Where Are All the Black People’ an annual diversity conference and career fair aimed at having transparent and impactful conversations about diversity and inclusion in the advertising space.

Adrienne received her Juris Doctorate from NYU Law and is passionate about the intersection of law, social justice, and civil rights. Her aim is to have every workshop and conversation that she facilitates, leading to better understanding and open-mindedness among participants.


Diversity & Inclusion (Women's Leadership) | Privilege | Race | Unconscious Bias | Microaggressions | Mentorship | Sponsorship | Career Pivots | Motivational Speaking

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